Day Four

By day four we have an idea of what we are performing, which pieces and who is doing what. We practised first again the Darkness Vs Light on the body, the subtle differences and the change of quality on different body parts.

We also did extensive training on imitating fire which was introduced to us with images and exercise during the first workshop.


Sanae told us that we will present few pieces from the works of TOMOE SHIZUNE & HAKUTOBO, Shu Mu and Ren Yo. We have a lot of hard work ahead of us!

We also practised our solos a bit. I don’t know about mine but the other solos looked amazing

I particularly liked Katherine’s solo piece based on this little guy:

Japanese monster.jpg

Monster washing beans

Sanae asked us if we have anything similar in Cypriot tradition and we said we have something similar called “Kallikantzaros”

We also practised smoke filling up a room and then big smoke whirlpool. That required big, slow movement.

Besides rehearsing the pieces we also did some further work on the light vs darkness contrast on the body. We lined up in two groups and we were doing the light vs darkness contrast to the person opposite us. One part of the body was shining and the rest was kept in darkness, all that in a movement sequence.

From Maria’s notes: “Dance is the space between your feet and the floor”

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