Day One

So today we had our first taste of Butoh and some intensive training. We learned how to work muscles in the face we didn’t  know they existed! It was very beautiful and exciting to be around someone who has worked with the method for so long. Sanae has told us that she has been teaching Butoh since 1999.

It was overall a magical experience, almost I would dare to say mystical. Leda added also “psychedelic” which I agreed with. We spoke about, saw images and then embodied: Ghosts, smoke, whirlpool, the feeling of transparency, the feeling of radiating light, being light as steam. The method asks for strong imagination and “becoming” the images you see. We became the texture of the Jizo statue, weathered from the elements. Sanae spoke about the texture being as rough as sugar rocks, a bit like candy.

Small clip from today’s training 


and more about balancing on the bamboo flip-flop here

(Video from Christiana Mouzoura’s material that she collected during the project, photos are by Maria Varnakidou and Polly Flourenztou)

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