Day Three

Imitating animals and imagining them in a different way was a big part of today’s training. We saw few images from Japanese paintings that Ms Sanae brought to us all the way from Japan. After that, we were taught a sequence of embodying 5 different peacocks to the sound of a very immersive but kind of minimal music piece. I really like the fact that the sounds we practise with are quite minimal. Less is more.


The workshop continued with a very important exercise that enhanced our senses while performing our Butoh pieces. I personally count this exercise as one of my favourites. First Sanae made us paint a blank piece of paper black. It happened slowly while she was encouraging us to make it as dark as possible. We used charcoal, painting the paper black first covering the white space and then over and over again adding layers of “darkness”. Then we translated this into a movement piece. Adopting the quality of getting darker and darker with our bodies. At the end of each presentation, Sanae would ask if the image we created was dark enough.

The second part we got introduced to the Jizo element that was going to be part of our performance.


Words from Maria’s notes on the day:

breath, wheel, caress, lick, breath, owl, long face, down face, jump, Jizo is having fun, Don’t forget to breathe Jizo.

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