Day Two

The body can describe air and water, as well as smoke and steam. Fascinating, truly.

Today we translated with our bodies how a water plant feels in the water, moves slowly near the surface while taking the sunlight. We also did an activity on how something moves with even the tiniest bit of air. Sanae showed us by holding a big sheet of tissue paper and moving it around the room.

We also saw and got to play the fox with the 9 tails, a mythical creature of Japanese culture.

Can smell travel through your body?

After the break, we got to paint with watercolour the fruit and flowers that Sanae brought in. Then we did small movement pieces based on the smell and what images we could see in our heads and translate with our bodies. I found it extremely hard to manifest but at the same time an eye-opening and inspiring experience.

Leda doing an improvisation piece here while Sanae is playing the harmonica

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