An Evening of Japanese Butoh

BUTOH – Is a Japanese original modern stage art. The comprehensive creation method known as “TOMOE Butoh Method”, was experienced by Cypriot performers through a series of workshops which were co-sponsored by Rooftop Theatre Group and TOMOE SHIZUNE & HAKUTOBO.

TOMOE SHIZUNE, who is an only successor of a Butoh method of Tatsumi Hijikata, a pioneer of Butoh, has endeavoured to develop “TOMOE Butoh Method”. The method has been established after a numerous number of reviews and improvement through festivals in Japan and overseas, collaborative performances with those in other genres. 

This project in Cyprus has just begun, it was very short period but we would appreciate if you warmly watch the performer’s’ efforts. We hope that we can nurture this project with everyone in Cyprus. Thank you very much for coming to our first performance in Cyprus.


“The Cries of Ducks from the Fields of Yamada”

This gagaku piece is based on a tanka poem by the Tokugawa-period Soto Zen priest Ryokan (1758–1831), well known for his poetry and calligraphy. The poem translates as “It is when one hears the cries of ducks from the fields of Yamada that one knows that winter has arrived.” This piece recites the gentleness of the good-natured old man amused by the play of village children and the simplicity of a beggar monk who spent his whole life observing his oath of poverty.


Musical performances: The gagaku group Chitose Trio

                                          – Koto (13-string zither): Hitomi Nakamura

                                          – Sho (free-reed mouth organ): Ko Ishikawa

                                          – Ryuteki (transverse bamboo flute): Mami Tsunoda


“Water transformation”

Composed and performed by  TOMOE SHIZUNE as a homage to “Water’s transformation” composed by Japanese koto player Michio Miyagi (1894-1956) at the age of 14.

Composer · Musical performance: TOMOE SHIZUNE (guitar)



The art work with title Shumu spun from the dream of an old woman Fusa just before the end of her life. Cypriot performers will show short stories extracted from the original story. We can find the monster in the fireplace, Buddha and the figure of a newborn child etc.

Composer · Music: TOMOE SHIZUNE

Cast: Cypriot members

“ RENYO – Lotus in the Distance “

The story of the Jizo, with the child of the demon who fell to the ground from heaven. The Cypriot performers also show a short story excerpted from the original story. A child of a demon trying to desperately climb the waterfall, the guardian god and Jizo appear to watch over while giving a trial. Stone Jizo (stone Buddha) quietly sit in towns and along paths between rice fields and mountain. Jizo is exposed to any weather conditions and they keep watching people’s life gently. Moreover, Jizo is one of the symbols of friendly communication. We would like to invite the audience to imagine that the  “Jizo march” performance, is as if the Jizo walks, strolls or plays happily in a remote mountain where people do not see.

Composer · Music: TOMOE SHIZUNE

Cast: Cypriot members


Composer · Musical performance: TOMOE SHIZUNE (guitar)


Cypriot Performers

Maria Varnakidou

Christiana Mouzoura

Leda Koumides

Kathrine Kotsireas

Lenia Georgiou

Themida Nickolaou

Polly Flourentzou



Rooftop Theatre Group participants, stuff, Ms Sanae Kagaya and Miwa Kakuta



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